Economic Cosmetics

Figure 4

Figure 4

Deciding what kind of makeup to buy can get a little complicated.

Figure 1

Figure 1

You may not know what kind of makeup brand to get, what skin tone color to buy, or how much you should spend on beauty products.

Today you will indulge in some of the cosmetics I use daily. I truly believe that these are all must have cosmetics because they are affordable and can be found in almost every store.

I usually purchase the products in these pictures from Walmart, beauty stores like Icing, or Dollar Tree. I know it may sound surprising that I procure beauty aids at stores like Dollar Tree, but the makeup I use is long-lasting, extremely affordable (only costs $1 plus tax when buying at Dollar Tree), in style, and will guarantee you be the envy of others.

For foundation, I use Neutrogena products because their makeup is oil-free and diminishes blemishes. In terms of eye shadows, I use products from Icing and Dollar Tree. For gel eye liners, I buy Starry products. And as for eyelashes, I buy these at Icing and Sephora.

Products like these will assist you in looking the part while still receiving compliments from other people.

Shimmering eye shadow colors such as the ones displayed in Figures 2, 3, and 4 can be modeled any day and any time.

If you want to go to a concert, a date, or even have a girls night out, these eye shadows, fake eyelashes, and gel eye liners will make sure you look dazzling wherever you decide to go.

Figure 2

Figure 2

Be sure to check out the websites outlined below to ensure you are the envy of everyone wherever you go:

Figure 1 (Neutrogena make up)

Figures 2 and 4 (eye shadows)

Figure 4 (Starry gel eye liner)

Figure 4 (eyelashes)

Figures 2, 3, and 4 (eye shadows)

Figure 3

Figure 3

Being indecisive about what kind of cosmetics to purchase is a normal feeling, but hopefully this weeks post helped you be a little more assertive in what types of beauty aids are right for you. Everyone deserves to look stunning everyday and makeup shouldn’t be the issue, so sport your favorite looks and get your glam on.

Note: none of the products mentioned above are being advertised, nor am I being paid to promote or endorse anything. The cosmetics in this post are merely being recommended from my first hand experiences with these cosmetics as a common everyday consumer.


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