Sorority Girl Pin Attire

I know many sorority girls don’t know what to wear to Pin Attire the day after their weekly chapter meetings.

This is a sophisticated, simple, and easy to put together outfit. All it requires is a flowy dress (not skin-tight), wedges or flats of your choice, a mid-abdomen belt, and a purse if you decide to go somewhere out after class when Pin Attire is over.

IMAG0906 (1)                       IMAG0905

In these pictures,

  • The black dress that was used is from Express and interests Business Casual people/employers or may event work for a casual date. The reason why this dress was chosen is because black is the color that almost, if not, every girl will look good in and it is this color that represents formality, power, and elegance.
  • In these pictures, a gold mid-abdomen/waisted belt was used to give the outfit some color and make the dress pop out a little bit more. Belts like this one is in trend right now and is inexpensive (around $10 for a pack of 3 belts).

  • I used black wedges for this outfit so that it would settle down the mood of this ensemble, have a be subtle look, but still maintain the main colors used in this outfit. These specific wedges were bought at Dillard’s over the Summer of 2013 and cost about $30 because they were on sale. Other similar wedges can be found at Dillard’s, Macy’s,or other similar stores.
  • The purse used was borrowed from one of my roommates and similar styles can be found at:

With this outfit get creative ladies and if you have any pictures of mixing and matching similar clothes or using different belts, another colored dress, etc. post your pictures on this blog so everyone can see what you came up with.

Can’t wait to see your new outfit ideas!

And don’t forget fashion is expanding so there are no good or bad outfits!


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