Play It Safe with Black

The color black is usually associated with making women look slim. This color portrays elegance and is always a good color to choose when you’re not wanting to take a risk and wear different colored clothing.

Below is an example of two chic dresses that will go with the heels presented in Figure 1:


Figure 1 cache2 These leather pumps are Christian Dior and retail for 810.00 dollars. They have a lazer cut pattern that contains the colors light pink and black.

To match these pumps, I chose outfits from Nasty Gal because it has fashionable clothing at affordable prices.

Option 1                                     Option 2

nasty 1nasty2

Option 1 can be found on:

This dress exposes the sides, but it maintains it’s classy flow by having a skater bottom skirt.

Option 2 can be found on:–black

This dress focuses on the upper-middle part of a women’s body. It is outlined by a well made crochet neckline.

P.S. Both dresses are less than 80 dollars, so they can fit into anyone’s budget.


2 thoughts on “Play It Safe with Black

    • Well I’m glad to hear that black is a color that you not only have in your wardrobe, but that you also when to use it because you know what the color signifies 🙂

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