Feeling Good

We all have our moments in time when we don’t feel confident about ourselves. Occasions when this may occur may be after Christmas and New Year’s because those are the times when we are most busy making presents to give away and plan dinners…and do we plan those dinners!

Today’s post focuses on some tips you can take to better your health and feel a little more confident about yourself:

Adjust your eating habits

Eating deserts that are drenched in chocolate, involve ice cream, cakes, etc. might be the best thing we’ve ever tasted in our life but those are the treats that are highest in sugars and oils. Your body does need oils, but not an overload in them. Try to eat fruits, vegetables, eat less carbohydrates, and drink a lot of water. A good start to your adjustment in foods may be to try drinking 1% milk instead of 2%.

Get some exercise in everyday

Exercising helps tone your body muscles and burns unwanted fats. Attempt to exercise at least 20 minutes daily and then gradually increase the amount of time you work out as time progresses. When exercising do cardio and ab workouts as well as try to run for a little bit, bike, do yoga, or whatever workouts you prefer as long as you’re up and doing something.

Sleep for the right amount

I know everyone has stuff to do and is very busy because most people run on deadlines, but try to get around 8 hours of sleep everyday if not more. The more you work the more you should sleep because your brain will continue to function even while you’re sleeping because you’re overworking it some days more than others depending on what deadlines you have to fulfill.

Here are a couple of pages you can visit for further details on how to stay healthy:




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