Smokey Eyes

Mixing and matching different eye shadows can sometimes be a little hard especially if you don’t like to risk mixing different colors or don’t have much experience with makeup.

This post will teach you how to create an evenly blended smokey eye look so that you can practice it and master one of the basic eye-makeup looks that all women use.

Before you begin,





Make sure to have a palette of eye shadows that have a variety of different similar shades like the pictures below. Then, apply your skin tone foundation on your eye lids that way the makeup stays a little bit longer and doesn’t smear.



Here is a good outline with pictures to help you identify the different steps to take when creating this look:

This specific outline was the first outline I ever used when attempting to create this makeup look. I know it seems like there are a lot of steps and it looks a little bit complicated, but I guarantee you that once you complete your first smokey eye look you will never want to do any other look when you’re on the go because it is a really simple look.

Celebrities who are known for wearing smokey eyes include Kim Kardashian. Tutorials for a more celebrity type look of this type of eye make-up would include: Smokey eyes allow you to complete this makeup at night or during the day.

If you’re looking for a more intense dramatic smokey eye take a look at this tutorial which I use whenever I want to make a bold statement wherever I go.

Or if you’re looking for a less dramatic smokey eye look just switch up the colors around and maybe use more natural colors like brown instead of using black. The pictures below demonstrate how playing around with makeup makes a difference. In the picture on the left, you might not think of it as being a smokey eye, even though it is! It is a more softer brown smokey eye, but still follows the same methods and shadowing procedures as any other smokey eye would. On the other hand, the picture on the right shows a more drastic and darker side of a brown smokey eye makeup look. This type of smokey eye uses a little bit of darker brown eye shadows than the picture on the left, but still contains the same effect as the more bolder, black smokey eye shadow looks.

666666666                3333333333

It doesn’t matter when you choose to wear this look, this look will allow you to look put together in an average of a quick 10 minutes (if not less, depending on how often you complete this look the faster you’ll do it every time).


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