Winter Conservation

During the winter season I encounter many problems such as dry/windburned skin,a red nose, and dry eyes. Do you experience any of the same problems I do?

If so, this post is dedicated to help you minimize and resolve some of these issues.


Windburned Skin

Some people refer to this issue as being “kissed by the wind,” but let’s face it being kissed by the wind is not fun and definitely not something that you want to come home to after being outside.

What you should know about windburn is that it’s not a winter sunburn. Windburn is caused by low temperatures and is not an effect by the sun’s rays. 111

Windburn causes irritation and redness on your skin because your skin loses its natural oils from low humidity and cold temperatures.

To avoid windburned skin make sure to put on a moisturizer and sunblock and keep your skin covered. Applying sunblock that’s SPF 30 will help protect your skin from the wind.

If you’re planning on staying outside in the cold, don’t forget to check your local news or weather app to see how cold it will be outside so that you can plan ahead how many layers of clothing you’ll need to wear.

Red Nose

A red nose occurs when your blood vessels are experiencing drastic change, a change in temperature to be exact.


Assure your body with plenty of sleep, try to always wear a scarf if you’re going outdoors, increase your intake of vitamin C, and apply Vicks to open up your nose. Increasing your intake of vitamin C is crucial because it acts as an antioxidant which can help heal wounds by creating collagen and better your immune system so that you don’t get sick as often among other things.

Dry Eyes

Dry, cold air can be bad for your eyes. Your eyes are sensitive, so try to take care of them as much as possible when fighting the cold. Cold wind boosts the dissolution of moisture around your cornea.

44I think that the best way that I’ve found to not get dry eyes is to wear sunglasses to block the windy air of getting into my eyes.

Non-medicated eye drops can also help your dry eyes, but read the labels carefully so that you know how often to use the drops.

Dr. Oz has talked a lot about dry eyes and here is a short clip of home remedies doctors recommend when having this issue.

Hope this post helps you during these cold and windy days!


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