Do’s and Don’ts for 2014

It’s finally 2014!

Many of our inspirations, styles, trends, and changes we do to ourselves (Ex: hair colors) we get from celebrities. New trends come out every year, so this post will let you know what is in style for 2014 and what not to do during this year.

First, let’s talk about hair.


Ombre Hair–>don’t keep this style.

This style has been popular among women of all ages, but it’s time for this trend to take a break. Try to go for more natural, solid colors when dying your hair. You can also have blonde roots/platinum colored highlights in your hair to get that “pop” effect.



Second, let’s talk about nails.


Stiletto Nails–>Don’t

Stiletto Nails might have appeared to be scary to you when you first saw them (I know I was), but then I learned to like them and thought that they were cool.


Almond sized nails–>Do

These have been out for quite some time now, and the “new trend” is to stay with almond, short nails.

The overall color for nails right now are the following colors: nude, red, and dark colors. Don’t try to go too crazy with colors! Try to keep more subtle colors.


Third, let’s talk about lip stick.


Bubble Gum LIpstick–>Don’t

Even though this trend my suit your skin tone color or go perfectly with your look of the day, try to stay off of it. This color for the lips has evolved now and it’s time to move on.


Fuchsia Lipstick–>Do

If you love the color pink for your lips and are having difficulty staying away from this Bubblegum color maybe try fuchsia. This color is more in style and will most likely suit you well.


Please comment if you’re wondering if any other styles are still in trend or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks!


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